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Dr. Galzarano is one of the kindness, caring, and considerate people that I’ve ever met. He goes beyond the call of duty to make you feel better. I met him approximately 13 years ago during one of his many, many charitable endeavors. Growing up in Georgia, I remember a lot of professionals went to Dr. Stuckey (chiropractor). I couldn't understand why they would go to him. After learning about Chiropractic care, now I understand. Thanks Dr. G. for making my life more productive over the years.

- Charlie Caison (Germantown)


For many years, I suffered from sciatica and leg pain. I did not disregard my painful condition and was treated by my [medical] doctor and by two chiropractors. Unfortunately, I felt very little relief from my pain and was not satisfied. As my desperation grew, I decided to look somewhere else for help. I turned to the local telephone book into my surprise, I discovered Dr. Anthony Galzarano. The advertisement detailed his chiropractic specialties, and I decided that he might be the doctor to help me. I began treatment with Dr. Galzarano, and I'm very satisfied! One of the reasons I'm so pleased with Dr. Galzarano is that he takes the time to listen to my problems. I am 80 years old and believe me, I now have relief from pain in many movements which is an important factor to me! Many Thanks Doc! I'm lucky to have found you.

- Mrs. Ann Seredinski (Roxborough)


I am a success! Yes I am. Yipeee! I came to Dr. G. with severe back pain. It was getting so bad that I couldn't get out of bed. Now, some people may say staying in bed all day isn't such a bad thing. Well being 21, it was bad for me. After going to Dr. G. for a short while I was able to do more with my days. So thanks Dr. G. You rock!

- Kristen Guziewicz (East Falls)


I came in with severe pain in the left lower quadrant of my back. Two days after the pain began was my first visit. Today it is two weeks from that day and I'm almost pain-free, certainly functioning at work and home. The treatments were extremely helpful; the environment in the office was "user-friendly", even to one previously a bit skeptical about Chiropractic medicine. Thank you!

- Mrs. Louise Kernahan (Roxborough)


I slipped onto steps and hurt my back. Very painful back and also felt the pain into my knees. I tried to help myself but to no avail. Dr. Galzarano helped me so much in just one treatment. I appreciate his time he spent. Hopefully it will last or I'll be back again.

- Mr. Stanley Kulak (Wissahickon)


Three weeks ago, I felt like I was in a car accident. I couldn't sit, or stand and walk for long. Now I have very little or slight lower back pain. Dr. Galzarano worked a miracle.

- Mrs. Kathy Morris (Roxborough)


Before coming to Dr. Galzarano, I had lower back pain that would hurt so bad I would have trouble getting out of bed, walking, running, etc. After about two to three months of visits, my lower back has improved 100%. Thank you.

- Mr. Terry Fabian (Havertown)


On Christmas 2000 morning I stepped out of the shower, and no no no I could not walk without terrible pain. I made it through the day with the help of my son. Next I called Dr. Galzarano and he told me it was my sacroiliac, gave me my first adjustment. After two more treatments I could walk without terrible pain. A couple more treatments and I was ready to go out dancing! Pretty good for a 71-year-old gal!

-Mrs. Jean Stahl (Flourtown)


I came to Dr. Galzarano about 10 years ago just as my wife did. My problem spots were my lower back, and the right side of my body. My neck is also a trouble spot. I feel that Dr. Galzarano does a great job in alleviating pain, with his expertise in manipulation.

- Mr. Joe Mudry (Wissahickon)


The first-time I came to visit Dr. Galzarano I was a little bit nervous about Chiropractic. I didn't really know why, but something in my mind said it will be good for you. The first-time my back was adjusted, I felt like a new human being. I'm a professional tennis teacher and some of the time when I was on the court there was pain over my body. Now it is all gone. Chiropractic really helped.

- Mr. Hopeton Green (Radnor)


My back was very painful and I had difficulty walking any distance, not to mention how painful it was to just fold clothing. Dr. Galzarano's treatments have helped me very much. I feel so much better. I'm very grateful for their kindness and personal concern.

- Mrs. Virginia Brogden (Mt. Airy)


When I started treatment, my lower back hurt so bad I could hardly walk more than two blocks. The condition has improved steadily with each treatment. Walking has greatly improved and I'm no longer losing sleep because of back pain.

- Mrs. Mabel Raymond (East Falls)


Let me start with my reason for coming to Dr. Galzarano's office. I have been suffering with lower back pain for many years. I considered my level of pain to the high. I had various forms of treatment ranging from creams, heating pads, ice, pain killers and even cortisone shots in my back. I don't have to tell you that after many years of this form of treatment and feeling no better I was totally frustrated. My sister-in-law referred me to Dr. Galzarano. I started out with three sessions a week for two months then two sessions a week. Treatment consisted of that fabulous waterbed massager, spinal neck alignments, and exercises to do at home. I can honestly say that I feel 70% better since I started seeing Dr. Galzarano. I also purchased a new mattress after 15 years. Dr. Galzarano introduced me to the buckwheat pillow, which I found to be very helpful and comfortable.

- Geraldine Culp


Last year at the Folk Festival I had to walk with a cane to handle the rough terrain and hills, and I was in pain most of the weekend. I walked as little as possible. I had great difficulty getting in and out of my chair. This year, after three months of chiropractic work, I walked without support, had only occasional lower back pain. I did lots of walking and exploring and had only minimal difficulty getting out of a chair. I walked three quarters of a mile back to the remote parking lot on several occasions rather than waiting for a bus.

- Mrs. Sandy Rotenberg (Germantown)


When I first came to Dr. Galzarano, I could not walk. My back was very painful. I couldn’t do much of anything. At first I came to his office three times a week. Now it is down to one time. If I need him I call, and he lets me come down to the office. My life is a little easier now. “God Bless” Dr. Galzarano.

Mrs.Carmela Lari (Roxborough)


Beginning: I was unable to go from sitting position to standing without having horrible pain in my lower back.

Currently: After four weeks of care I feel little or no pain and I am back to enjoying activities that I was doing prior.

I would highly recommend chiropractic care and especially Dr. Galzarano to my friends and family.

- Ms. Tanya Verbyla (Sweet Valley, PA)


I initially came in with severe pain in my lower back and left leg. It had been on and off for 5 months and getting worse. I couldn't bend down to touch my toes, lift anything from the ground, or even get up from a sitting position without intense pain.

After 6 weeks of coming to this office, the pain is actually gone! Dr. Galzarano is a pleasure to work with and he is very thorough with explaining everything he does. I'm forever grateful I chose to seek chiropractic care.

- Ms. Rebecca Houghton (West Philadelphia)


I had other treatment with another doctor. Since I've been coming to Dr. Galzarano, I'm feeling a lot better.

- Mr. John Pacell (Roxborough)


I was passing through, from Houston Texas, when I crawled into his office on Thursday, August 7, with terrible pain and difficulty walking. Today, Friday, August 15, I'm walking out of his office feeling 100% better. I'll continue treatment in Houston. Thanks to Dr. Galzarano, I believe in the "chiropractic treatment". He was genuine and very caring! Thanks a million!

- Mrs. Yvette Shepard (“A Friend in Texas”)


When I first came, I had injured my lower back and was in a lot of pain. I was barely walking and was bent at a 90 degree angle. By the next morning I was upright and doing a lot better due in large part to the treatments I received. Over the next six weeks my back has gradually improved to pre-injury status, if not better. The advice I got about exercise and posture, and self-care, helps me feel like I will be able to better avoid injury in the future and that I have healthier back. Thanks!!

- Ms. Mary Lou Finch (Roxborough)


I came here in such extreme lumbar spasm that I could not sit, lay down, walk or anything. I had been an agony for four days. Desperate, I called Dr. Galzarano and he saw me on his day off on an emergency basis. Ten days later I'm completely pain-free and on my way to spinal health. Thank you Dr. Galzarano.

- Ms. D’Ette Williams (Roxborough)


Dr. Galzarano is a master at his work. After helping friends to move, I experienced lower back pain like never before. Everything I did hurt to some degree. Walking. Sitting. Lifting weights. Finally after about a month of discomfort my mother referred me to Dr. Galzarano.

I saw results almost instantly and within a few weeks I was doing all the walking and weight training that I love to do. I never expected Chiropractic therapy to be so amazingly effective. Dr. Galzarano listened attentively and worked out a recovery program based on my individual needs. I feel extremely fortunate to have been referred to the doctor for my first experience with Chiropractic therapy... And thanks to him I am a true believer.

- Mr. Reggie Richardson (Mt. Airy)


When I first came to Dr. Galzarano's office, I was unable to work without pain or even do everyday activities. I had a lot of things wrong with my back, but now I can live a normal life again. Thank you Dr. Galzarano. You gave me my life back.

- Mr. Robert Hustler (Blue Bell Hill)


On July 4 of the for vacation in Florida. By July 5 I could not walk, stand, sleep, or sit without pain on either side. I was referred to a chiropractor in Florida who helped me through the week. When I returned to Philadelphia I was referred to Dr. Anthony P. Galzarano by a former patient. I have been in his care for several weeks and now through his care, I can follow up with monthly maintenance. I highly recommend Dr. Galzarano for his interest, skill and treatment and the caring of his staff.

- Claire C. Sanders (Germantown)


Born with spinal deformities , I've had some degree of back and neck pain for most of my fifty years. During that time, I've had various forms of treatment with little success. Worse than receiving no relief, I actually had an experience with a chiropractor that left me black and blue. When I questioned this doctor, he told me that he had to use excessive force because I "was so big". Needless to say, I did not return to chiropractic for many years. Dr. Galzarano was recommended to me by another bodywork practitioner who I trusted a great deal. In the 13 years that I have been his patient, I have had consistent improvement and actually some pain-free periods. Dr. Galzarano was astute enough to perceive the difference when my symptoms changed at one point, which directly led to my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. I know that ongoing chiropractic treatment plays a big part in keeping me active and functional and cannot imagine myself without it.

- Nigel Green (Mt. Airy)


Dr. Galzarano was extremely helpful in alleviating my back pain due to disc deterioration through regularly scheduled visits/treatments, I have been able to do all my daily duties as an NR Mgr. and part-time tour director. Most recently I was unable to walk without excruciating pain in my right leg and lower back. Following treatments and exercise program, I was able to enjoy a day of activity and walking through Pennsylvania Dutch country with my five-year-old grandson and husband. The treatments and program I’m receiving have been quite helpful in coping with this constant back and leg pain. Although further treatments are needed, and possibly more intense therapy, this is truly a success in keeping me active and enjoying life. Thanks doctor!!

- Mary Anne Kostic-King (Roxborough)


I came to Dr. G with a very sore lower back. Every time I moved the wrong way "and" the pain would almost put me on my knees. After only 10 visits -- no pain! I don't hurt the day after golf or after work! Thanks Doc!

- Ed Kulikowski (Roxborough) PS: I want that hot water table.


When I first started going to Dr. Galzarano two years ago, I was so bent over and in such pain I could barely stand up and walk. I went faithfully two and three times a week. He helped me tremendously. I still had pain but I could walk correctly without my cane. About two months ago, the doctor asked me if I wanted to participate in [what was then] an experimental procedure. I immediately said yes. After the first treatment with the laser device I immediately felt a difference. I went faithfully three times a week and I have felt 85 percent better. I walk straight with no pain in my hip or my lower back. I still cannot stand one place for long but I can walk one half mile around the high school field which I had attempted to do before and couldn't do.

- Joanne McGuigan (Roxborough)


Excruciating back pain that limited my ability to walk prompted my first visit to the chiropractor. I felt that my weight combined with an instance of over exertion triggered my distress. My job required extensive school visitations. Most schools have cement floors and steps. These hard surfaces wear and tear on the knees and spine. One visit to a school in anything but orthopedic shoes was a recipe for disaster. My capacity to do my job, exercise, carry an ordinary five gallon water jug or perform chores that required a ladder was inhibited. I needed help. Dr. Galzarano treated my initial distress. I was relieved to learn that I could function without surgery. Though I know I needed to lose weight, this was not a prerequisite for relief from my back pain. The x-rays assured me that my discs were intact. His mini-lessons on the operation of the spine made me understand more fully how my body functions. My success is that I can now walk one quarter-mile without pain, carry the five gallon jug without calling for assistance and easily move up and down the stairs. I'm confident that lifting an object over 30 pounds can be accomplished without the side effect of pain. Additionally the discomfort of my carpal tunnel has been eased through spinal manipulation and vitamins. As I move through the motions of daily life, I often thank God (and my sister who made the recommendation) for leading me to improved health, comfort, ease of movement and peace of mind that I enjoy from regular trips to the chiropractor.

- Mary C. Randall (Germantown)


When I first came to the chiropractor I had numbness in my arms and legs, very bad back pain. The doctor started my treatments three times a week and by the third week I was feeling improvement in my arms and legs. By the six-week my back was feeling so much better I could walk more and enjoy my life more. Now after 18 visits, I have no back pain or numbness at all.

- Maryann Savage (Roxborough)


Thanks for treating my sore shoulder and putting me back into action. The infrared [laser], deep acting treatments really worked.

I tore a muscle in my shoulder which prevent me from having the full range of movement without pain. Since I am physically active, this condition stopped me from continuing with my activities. Your expertise is a chiropractor, and your concern and bedside manner, has helped me deal with my general pain's physically and emotionally.

- Artis T. Ore (East Oak Lane)




I saw an ad in the paper for how to get relief from carpal tunnel without surgery. As I had surgery on the right hand and did not want to have no more surgery on me, I came to Dr. Galzarano for a consultation. I had tingling and burning in my hand and couldn't make a fist. Three weeks later I have no more pain and numbness and tingling so I can see he has helped me to sleep better and feel better. Many thanks to him and his receptionist.

- Mrs. Louise Parker (Mt.Airy) P. S. Many thanks again to Dr. Galzarano


About two months ago I developed a tingling in the two middle fingers of my right hand. I told Dr. Galzarano about it and explained that it was so bad at night it was keeping me awake. He examined me and determined that I had the beginnings of carpal tunnel. UGH!!!

He started treatment right away. First he adjusted my neck, then my shoulder, wrist and hand. I never knew your hand could be adjusted. Well, after about a week and a half of treatments the tingling completely away. It is been over a month now and no recurring pain or tingling. I don't know how people with carpal tunnel deal with the pain. I'm glad Dr. G. could help me and that we caught it in time.

- Pat Quinn (Wissahickon)


Fortunately, I read Dr. Galzarano's and advertisement about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Then I decided to call his office, because of very painful CTS symptoms. The pain is located in my hand, wrists and arm. I did not sleep well to the constant tingling in my fingers and numbness in the hand. During the day I dropped things a lot, some days I just could not use my hands at all. This affected my job performance a great deal. During consultation Dr. Galzarano explained that more than likely I did not have CTS. He told me nerve problems in my neck and spine area caused the painful CTS symptoms. June 13, 2005 started my treatments three times weekly.

My hand and wrist improved with every visit. Now I look forward to the treatments, which are relieving the pain I have gone through these past few years. The tightness in my chest and stiff neck have gone away. Since treatments, I am now able to sleep well. Gratefully, I did not have surgery as recommended. Thanks to Dr. Galzarano I have made tremendous progress and would highly recommend him to anyone I know suffering with pain. Now I am mostly pain-free! My genuine SMILE has returned!!

- Wanda Harrison (Roxborough)


My first contact with Dr. Galzarano came when I responded to an ad on carpal tunnel syndrome. I explained to Dr. Galzarano that the pain in my right hand and wrist were my main concerns. After examination he asked if I had any pain in my neck and back. I said that I had but had learned to live with it. He proceeded to work on these areas in addition to my hand and wrist. After several weeks and neck and back pain is gone and there is about 80% improvement in my hand and wrist. "Thanks Dr. G.!"

- Jim Polisi, Sr. (Roxborough)




I called Dr. G on an early Saturday morning. I was in bad pain and couldn't move my neck. He fitted me into his morning schedule. He took great care of me. He did a complete exam, walked me through the procedure and assured me I'd be fine. When I left his office that morning, I was able to move my neck and go shopping afterwards! It is now one full week later and I'm doing great thanks to Dr. G.

- Carolyn Miller (Roxborough)


Right side of my neck had been stiff with pain when moving head to the left. Dr. Galzarano explained course of treatment and the benefits of chiropractic care. Received five adjustments and now my neck is moveable without pain.

- Mrs. Joanne Strenger (Roxborough)


I had been suffering with severe stabbing pain in my neck radiating up to the top of my head, plus pain in my right shoulder and back. After little over three weeks of chiropractic treatment with Dr. Anthony Galzarano and I am able to sleep without pain.

Although I have been seen by other chiropractors, I've never had such good results as achieved with Dr. Galzarano. I would be happy to continue further treatment to maintain this comfort level.

- Mrs. Estelle Green (Havertown)


Starting when I came in. Was tight nonmovement of neck. Also felt fatigue at the end of day. After about two months felt looseness in neck and shoulder area. Did not feel the fatigue factor after a stressful day. Feel posture is more upright.

- Mr. Wayne Duckrey (Mt. Airy)


The very first week of chiropractic adjustments the pain in my left breast had disappeared. Dr. G. did not know about the breast pain at first. I had no clue the breast pain was associated with my nerves. My medical doctor sent me for tests. They came back, showing no breast abnormality! Dr. Galzarano's adjustments had stopped the breast pain.

Eureka! Dr. Galzarano’s “magic touch” healed me! I drove down to Barnes St in agony and left one half hour later pain free! That was August 29 and as of this writing on September 27, I’m still pain free!

- Perky Detwiler, A Grateful Patient (Erdenheim)


I came to see Dr. Galzarano with a minor neck/back injury. It was extremely painful for me to turn my neck and sleep. Dr. Galzarano was able to help me and at the close of my last visit – I felt completely back to normal!

- Ms. Deborah Miller (Roxborough)


When I first came to the Doctor, I had so much pain in my neck at night that I couldn't sleep and it was hard for me to drive. This was going on for a couple of weeks. I finally said that had to do something and made the call. I got in the same day. Now after three weeks, I can sleep all night without any pain and drive to and from work without pain. I wish I would have come weeks before I did. I would recommend anyone to come who has pain and don't know what it is coming from.

- Shirley Sciortino (East Falls)


After three different chiropractors and one and a half years of neck pain, I didn't think going to Dr. Galzarano would make much difference. But I had to try. He assured me that he knew the techniques that could resolve even the most difficult neck problems. He was right! After about two months, my neck pain was 70% gone. In four months I had close to 100% improvement. My physical relief was 100%. But my mental relief was 1000%. Thanks.

- David Dellisanti (Roxborough)


My first appointment with Dr. Galzarano was just about one month ago. I came to the office with horrible pain and stiffness of my neck. It was just awful!

Now, one month later, I am feeling 100 percent better! I found Dr. Galzarano to be very informative and really spend time to educate me as to what the problem was and how to prevent it from happening again. Two thumbs up to Dr. Galzarano!!

- Erica Brownstein (Lafayette Hill)




There is no way for me to thank Dr. Galzarano for all he has done for me. When I first came to see Dr. G., I was suffering from migraines, and had been for 21 years. I had been to see neurologists and specialists. I was put on several different types of pain medications, along with daily preventative medications. Nothing worked. I was getting two to three migraines a week, and they were keeping me from enjoying life with my family. I was not sure a chiropractor could help, but I was willing to try.

After the first two weeks, I noticed a difference. Then over the next few months I was amazed at how much better I felt. It has now been almost six months since I started my treatments, and I am down to only one migraine every two to three weeks. To me and my family this is wonderful. Dr. G. has not only made my migraines better, he has me my life better. He has given my children back their mother, and my husband back his wife. And we are all truly grateful. Thank you Dr. G.!!

- Dianna McCullough (Roxborough)


Before I started coming here I was seeing other doctors. They diagnosed me with migraines. I suffered with headaches almost every day. Since I started getting treatment here I found out that there was something wrong with my neck. I started treatment and it is now three weeks later and I haven't had a bad headache since I have been here. I feel so much better. Actually feel like I’m 26 years old!

- Mrs. Janine Bartle (Conshohocken)


I'm a relatively new patient to the doctor (less than a month). I've had my share of neck, back, and leg problems and am in my 10th year of regular migraines. I have a nonmalignant tumor condition in my legs and since the age of 13 was diagnosed by many doctors and orthopedists as the years went by as I would have pain in other areas. To my amazement, Dr. G. asked if I knew my one leg was quite shorter than the other, after completing his initial x-rays. I was never told this before (no wonder I have hip pain). He suggested I wear a lift, provided it, and I'm on my way! I was scheduled for an appointment and it so happened was experiencing a migraine with a cluster headache in one eye. I regularly see a neurologist at a headache center who prescribes a medication, which fortunately most of the time ends my headache, but always with side effects and sometimes a repeat the next day. I've used it for two years now, but the night before my appointment, I did not take my injections so that Dr. G. would treat me instead. My cluster was relieved and by that evening, the migraines subsided - Wow! -- No other chiropractor has ever taken an interest or has successfully been able to treat them. (Even acupuncture!) So my suggestion is -- don't give up -- it's worth trying to follow Dr. G.'s treatment.

- Ms. Dru Maliszewski (East Falls)


In the past year and a half I've had no need for any headache remedy, because as soon as I feel one coming on I get my neck adjustment and almost immediately the pain is gone.

- Ms. Patricia Bartle (Wissahickon

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